Kriya Meditation

Kriya Meditation is an active form of meditation that utilizes our creative imagination in a structured way to learn to “see” our internal state and work directly with it.

The purpose of the meditation is to wake ourselves up, to break up old, unhelpful patterns, to use the energy unleashed in the meditation to create relevant and helpful new patterns for ourselves, and of course to stay awake inside.

This is a fast-acting form of meditation, faster even than Kundalini Yoga, and can create serious problems for the practitioner if done willy-nilly.

In our studio, Isabel teaches the Kriya Meditations and was trained by Diane Wilson.  She has been teaching Kriya meditation for 4 years and has a vast respect for the energy of the meditations.  Isabel works to educate her students about the meditation’s potentials, favoring a gradual approach to the waking up rather than blasting students (or herself) with it.