Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a form of yoga that, roughly speaking, has two aspects.

  1. Vigorous physical sets of movements paired with strong breath and/or chants.  These sets, or kriyas, are meant to very quickly wake up the spinal/spiritual energy and send it racing upward through the body.
  2. Meditations, sometimes still, sometimes with movement and/or strong breath and chants, have the same purpose of breaking up our patterns and activating and moving energy in the body.

Kundalini yoga is a very quick way to clean up internal blocks, invigorate your body, and make progress in your yoga practice and in life.

Because Kundalini Yoga was made to wake us up much faster than Hatha Yoga, there are often “clean-ups” in response to a Kundalini class.  Clean-ups can include emotional reactions during class and often surges of emotion or memory for the few days following.  They also can include body aches and pains, changes in sleep patterns, eating patterns, etc.

Kundalini is an intense practice and we generally recommend that you have some experience with Hatha Yoga before beginning Kundalini with us.  However, this is not a requirement, just a suggestion.